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In Memory of Dale Haidvogel

We were informed by Enrique Curchitser tonight about the unexpected and tragic loss of Dale Haidvogel.  While we have only little information at the moment, for the countless people he worked with and mentored it is a very sad day.  He joined Rutgers in 1990 as one of the first new hires by Fred Grassle to build a new vibrant marine science program at Rutgers.  Dale joined Rutgers from John Hopkins University, and had held prior positions at the National Center of Atmospheric Research and Woods Hole Oceanographic.  In oceanography Dale was a giant in ocean numerical modeling and is one of the original developers of the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS), which has become the global tool for expanding our understanding of the ocean.  Our thoughts and collective warm memories of Dale go out to his family.  Dale is survived by his wife Judy, daughter Ilona, and two grandchildren.  Below is a picture of how many of us will remember Dale as he mentored the world on the mathematical approaches to simulating ocean circulation.