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DMCS Distinguished Speaker Seminar

DMCS Distinguished Speaker Seminar
Dr. Richard A. Feely, Ph.D.
NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Senior Scientist
Friday, May 3, 11:00 AM
Alampi Room, Marine and Coastal Science
Cook Campus

Title: Ocean Acidification: What is happening now and what are the projections for the future?

Dr. Richard Feely is an international leader in the study of carbon cycling and ocean acidification. His research interests include the mechanisms controlling sources and sinks of anthropogenic CO2 in the oceans, and impacts of CO2 on marine ecosystems. Dr. Feely is responsible for the development and implementation of chemical oceanographic research studies for several of NOAA’s national research programs. He is a member of numerous scientific committees including Working Group I of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report and the International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project. Dr. Feely has authored more than 240 refereed research publications yielding tens of thousands of citations. He has been recognized extensively for his contributions to the fields of ocean and climate science, receiving numerous awards including the Heinz Environmental Award and the NOAA Administrator’s Award.