Deepwater-Irrigated Open-Ocean Seaweed Mariculture: Field Studies and Modeling

Deepwater-Irrigated Open-Ocean Seaweed Mariculture: Field Studies and Modeling: Several ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR) approaches accelerate or enhance natural processes to remove CO2 from the surface ocean, in order to drive oceanic absorption of atmospheric CO2.  “Open ocean seaweed mariculture with deep-water nutrient supply” (OMDN) is the cultivation of seaweeds in low-nutrient open-ocean surface waters, with seaweed production supported by nutrients from subsurface waters. The Climate Foundation is currently developing and demonstrating depth-cycling seaweed mariculture platforms. To investigate the scientific basis of OMDN, the investigators will undertake a field-based investigation of experimental platforms in the Philippines Archipelago, generating among the first field data from an open ocean seaweed mariculture system. Rutgers University will deploy a glider with multiple measurement capabilities. The autonomous capability sampling in time and space around the seaweed farms will provide the research team a spatial time series of the physical-chemical-biological data and “environmental” fingerprint of the seaweed farming activities. Lead Scientist: Oscar Schofield