Oceanography Graduate Student Association

The purpose of this organization shall be to further the social, cultural, academic and research interests of the students in the graduate program in Oceanography and to act as an intermediary between the graduate students and the faculty. All currently enrolled students in the graduate program in Oceanography and Operational Oceanography are invited to be members of this organization. Correspondence regarding OGSA events will come from the OGSA officers to all current students via email.

President: Jackie Veatch, jveatch@marine.rutgers.edu

Vice President: Ryan Glaubke

Treasurer: Joe Gradone

Secretary: Sam Alaimo

Seminar Committee Chair: Lauren Cook

Seminar Committee: Quintin Diou-Cass, Michael Chen, Jessey Kreinik, David Davis

Bulletin Board Manager: Jessey Kreinik

Social Media Coordinator: Quintin Diou-Cass