Ocean of Possibilities Summer Program

How Are We Connected to the Ocean? Dive into Marine Science with Rutgers University Oceanographer Lauren Cook. The Earth’s ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, but yet over 80% of it remains unexplored. Hear from Rutgers Marine Scientist, Lauren Cook, on why it is important to study the ocean, the methods to do […]

PUFINS: Weather at Sea

Summertime in Northeast United States, warm weather, pop up thunderstorms, humidity, and a bright sun, right? Well those terms for June are pretty accurate for the beach towns all along the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, but not for the team on the R/V Atlantis the summertime feel is more like an early spring day at best. […]

Congratulations to Vince and Lisa

Congratulations to Vince Clementi and Lisa Herbert who received NSF postdoctoral fellowship.  This is a very nice achievement. Vince also was awarded a second year NRC funding to complete his PhD thesis before he transitions to the postdoc track.  He will stay at Rutgers.