Jennifer Walker
Postdoctoral Researchers
Postdoctoral Researcher | Sea Level Research

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Research Interests

I am broadly interested in sea level research and climate and how sea level rise into the future will affect coastal communities. My research examines past sea-level change to bridge the gap between short-term instrumental records and long-term geological reconstructions and to better understand future sea-level rise under changing climate. I focus on reconstructing Holocene sea-level changes along the U.S. Atlantic coast using biological and geological indicators. These proxies are used to quantify rates of sea-level change and examine spatial and temporal variability. The goal of this research is to improve understanding of past sea level to better predict how sea level rise into the future will affect coastal systems and coastal communities.

Short History

I am always looking to further our understanding of how natural systems work and connect to each other, and how humans depend on these systems. I love reading outside, traveling, swing dancing and latin dancing, playing piano and guitar, going for bike rides and long walks, and swimming in the ocean. I enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors and learning about our planet.

  • 2014, B.S. Earth and Ocean Sciences, Duke University
  • 2019, PhD, Oceanography, Rutgers University