Deployment NameGliderProjectDeployedRecoveredDaysDistancePayload BayOSNotes
9.0168.4 km95378.30

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Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-01-22 12:27:45Informational

Did some hover missions to avoid unfavorable drift.

Recovered by Nicole Waite aboard RV Gould, fin rudder top mount was broken and rudder had fallen out of guides.

Leak (aft)started to fall on some segments as well last 1-2 days.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-01-18 13:43:36Informational

Could not get fin to move this morning, 'stuck' at m_fin = -.15

Trying some underwater missions see if can free the fin.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-01-17 19:40:14Informational

Fin seems to drift negative? Reporting out of service around -.2x rad. Able to get it back into servive via setnumwarn and moving it to for instance -.3 then back to 0. Trying some more flight segments.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-01-17 17:25:00Informational

Drifted for a few days, approaching coast so tried to fly it. Flew a couple segments to 40 m but then aborted for digifin again. Leakdetect doesnt appear to have moved much. Grabbing an MBD from the fin abort segment.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-01-14 08:38:47Informational

setnumwarn 5

squished fin limits a bit just in case
put f_fin_safety_max .45
52145 sensor: f_fin_safety_max = 0.45 rad
put x_fin_max .38

52175 sensor: x_fin_max = 0.38 rad

loadmission ud_476.mi

load_mission(): Opening Mission file: UD_476.MI
Setting SENSOR u_reqd_depth_at_surface(m) value 2.500000
Setting SENSOR u_thruster_burst_freq(hours) value -1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_alt_reduced_usage_mode(bool) value 1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_alt_reqd_good_in_a_row(nodim) value 3.000000
Setting SENSOR u_alt_filter_enabled(bool) value 1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_alt_min_depth(m) value 2.000000
Setting SENSOR m_altitude_rate(m/s) value -1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_run_time(secs) value 12.000000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_gain(1/rad) value 1.500000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_igain(1/rad-sec) value 0.020000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_dgain(sec/rad) value 5.000000
Setting SENSOR u_heading_deadband(rad) value 0.087000
Setting SENSOR u_heading_rate_deadband(rad/s) value 0.008700
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_deadband_reset(bool) value 0.000000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_hardover_holdoff(sec) value 30.000000
Setting SENSOR u_pitch_ap_gain(1/rad) value -1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_pitch_ap_dgain(s/rad) value -1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_pitch_ap_deadband(rad) value 0.079000
Setting SENSOR f_battpos_deadzone_width(inches) value 0.200000
Setting SENSOR f_battpos_db_frac_dz(nodim) value 0.625000
Setting SENSOR u_min_pitch_ap_period(sec) value 30.000000
Setting SENSOR u_max_pitch_ap_period(sec) value 60.000000

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-01-14 08:37:09Action Needed

NOTE: We need UD fin from them? In exchange for our spare

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-01-14 08:31:30Action Needed

It has been deployed just over 12 hours diving to about 150 m.

Came with digifin out of service and the fin somewhat past its software stop around -.44 rad. Finally with some finagglign was able to get it back in service but looking at the data I see a few strange items:

spikes, overshoots. This appears to be happening underwater as well. Suppose could be noise but would have to figure out what would be causing it underwater, maybe optode, but far fetched. Would have to think about this more.
Fin drift. m_fin drifts a bit over time. Don't think I've seen this before Would be a couple degrees.

UPDATE: just noticed the aft leakdetect was starting to trigger. If these are related wonder if the radome is leaking. Going to send this anway and will update in a few days, looks like this might be a pickup.

Created by: buckingham @ 2023-01-14 02:04:36Informational

put u_reqd_depth_at_surface = 2.5 and made c_target_depth = 6.5 to prevent breaching.

Created by: lgarzio @ 2023-01-13 17:24:51Informational

OS 8.3
Seabird CTD sn 9537 cal 11/12/2020
Wetlabs FLBBCD-SLC sn 5499 cal 11/14/2020
BSI PAR sn 50284 cal 11/17/2020
Aanderaa optode Oxy4831 sn 334 cal 10/12/2020 in-house cal 8/24/2022
Nortek Aquadopp Acoustic Doppler Profiler sn 11619 head sn 6483 cal 11/26/2013

Created by: lgarzio @ 2023-01-13 17:21:48Operations

Deployed by Nicole Waite, Carlos Moffat, Frederike Benz, Michael Cappola aboard Laurence M Gould near Adelaide Island, Antarctica