Deployment NameGliderProjectDeployedRecoveredDaysDistancePayload BayOSNotes
19.9465.7 km01037.13

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Created by: dkaragon @ 2015-07-14 10:52:28Informational

CTD cell cracked during mission. Unsure of when.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-08-06 16:04:45Informational

Corrosion noticed fore hull ring (fore side).

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-08-06 16:04:24Informational

Forgot castaway for recovery cast.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-08-06 16:04:11Informational

Recovered by Nilsen Strandskov, Marcos (MARACOOS), and Colin Dobson aboard NJDEP boat out of Cape May inlet.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-07-29 16:06:40Informational

Done with mini-Eline's continuing on NJDEP path.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-07-24 11:07:32Informational

Trying dgain 5 from 6

Changed optics to every 3rd yo, saving power on the bonus transects.

Doing test segment to make sure that change works for optics.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-07-21 09:16:12Informational

Sampling was from surface returns, software 7.14 and new altimeter still showing surface return problem. Started occurring sub 15 m.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-07-21 09:15:00Informational

Some light sampling last night set reqd num hits to 1, turned off reduced usage mode, and max altimeter to 8 m. Filter is still on.

Noisy returns now, but no longer sampling. An optode and altimeter truthing segment.

m_water_depth looks to be < 1 m off

Truthing segment:

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-07-21 09:12:15Informational

Changed steering parameters, the following seems to work well for most segments, there are some though that it doesn't. It seems hit or miss, but certainly is caused by surface inflection, post inflection glider swings to negative error which means to the left.
PID = 1.5, .01, 6; heading deadband -1; hardover holdoff 60 sec

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-07-18 09:24:15Informational

Mission had wrong arguement, corrected, puck data as of last night 10 EST.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-07-18 09:23:55Informational

Deployed by Josh Kohut, and summer interns aboard NJDEP vessel out of Highlands.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-07-17 11:22:04Informational

CTD 103P
Optode SN970
VMT SN 1144951
ID 28376

Created by: dkaragon @ 2014-07-17 11:18:46Informational

Software 7.14