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29.0610.6 km991610.08

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Created by: waite @ 2023-11-07 13:42:17Action Taken
Modified by: waite @ 2023-11-10 14:46:50

Was able to uart to the optode after recovery. Also used computer cable to talk to optode and it was reporting and communicating fine, no gibberish or issues.

This optode showed much corrosion between instrument and cable? This optode probably should not be used again.

Created by: waite @ 2023-10-19 19:26:20Operations

Recovered by Charlotte Bramich, Salvatore Fricano, Sophie Scopazzi, Trivik Ragha, and Jessica Leonard with Captain Chip aboard R/V Rutgers out of Tuckerton, NJ.

Comparison CTD cast done on deployment with SB19 s/n 1645 and ballast tank laptop.
pH water sampling done at 2m and near bottom with Niskin.

Glider recovered at same time as RU23 deployment.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-10-10 17:14:13Action Needed

How accurate is ru34's altimeter? 10/10 10:00 looks suspicious. Actual bottom looks deeper.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-10-08 13:36:21Informational

-6th for FLBBCD pH CTD off at surface

Slow progress try to save some power

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-10-07 00:31:30Action Needed

Think we lost the optode, turning off. Need to check at surface.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2023-10-04 17:08:10Informational

pH, FLBBCD, Oxy4 to -3 sampling to save power

Created by: waite @ 2023-09-22 18:50:12Informational

tbdlist update didn't transfer properly to glider - tbd's from last couple segments are empty - data will be in the nbd's.

tbdlist re-sent to glider, confirmed uploaded properly. 1.5hr mission segment to confirm tbd is storing data.

Missed tbd segments are 02090020, 02090022, 02090024.
ncd sizes to maybe transfer later:
02090020 - 680kb
02090022 - 260kb
02090024 - 680kb

Created by: waite @ 2023-09-21 15:07:49Informational

loadmission ru34.mi

load_mission(): Opening Mission file: ru34.mi
Setting SENSOR u_abort_min_burn_time(sec) value 600.000000
Setting SENSOR u_abort_max_burn_time(sec) value 86400.000000
Setting SENSOR u_reqd_depth_at_surface(m) value 2.000000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_run_time(secs) value 12.000000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_gain(1/rad) value 1.500000

Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_igain(1/rad-sec) value 0.015000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_dgain(sec/rad) value 6.000000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_hardover_holdoff(sec) value 30.000000
Setting SENSOR u_min_altimeter(m) value 3.700000
Setting SENSOR u_max_altimeter(m) value 50.000000
Setting SENSOR u_alt_reqd_good_in_a_row(nodim) value 2.000000
Setting SENSOR u_alt_filter_enabled(bool) value 0.000000
Setting SENSOR m_altitude_rate(m/s) value -1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_pitch_ap_gain(1/rad) value -1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_pitch_ap_dgain(s/rad) value -1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_pitch_ap_deadband(rad) value 0.079000
Setting SENSOR f_battpos_deadzone_width(inches) value 0.200000
Setting SENSOR f_battpos_db_frac_dz(nodim) value 0.625000
Setting SENSOR u_min_pitch_ap_period(sec) value 2.000000
Setting SENSOR u_max_pitch_ap_period(sec) value 60.000000

Created by: lnazzaro @ 2023-09-20 16:54:04Informational

Operating System: 10.08


Seabird pumped CTD

Seabird pH


Aanderraa Optode Oxy4831
In-house cal: 9/15/2023

Vemco RX-Live

Gapfill DMON replaced with pH sensor to continue monitoring abnormally low DO and pH observed in late summer RMI and DEP deployments.

Created by: lnazzaro @ 2023-09-20 16:49:30Operations
Modified by: lnazzaro @ 2023-09-20 21:19:59

Deployed by Nicole Waite, Kaycee Coleman, and Lori Garzio, with Captain Chip Haldeman on RV Rutgers out of Morgan Marina, Sayreville, NJ.

Comparison CTD cast done with SB19 s/n 1645. pH water sampling done with Rosette with SB19 s/n 1383.