Deployment NameGliderProjectDeployedRecoveredDaysDistancePayload BayOSNotes
ru30-20220906T1523ru30NOAA OAP2022-09-06
10.4122.6 km94178.50

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Created by: waite @ 2022-09-18 14:34:50Operations

Recovered 9/16/22 by Brian Buckingham, Julia Engdahl aboard R/V Rutgers with Capt. Chip Haldeman.

Comparison CTD cast done with SB19 s/n 1581 and ballast tank laptop.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2022-09-15 22:33:40Informational

no heap aborts I think just under 50k
changed missions to 35k

Created by: dkaragon @ 2022-09-13 13:14:50Informational

Glider has been flying very slowly, not sure how much was the tides, noreaster, or drag from azfp.

Turned it back around for recovery.

Been duty cycling all science since deployment.

Created by: waite @ 2022-09-07 12:52:06Operations

Deployed by Nicole Waite, Brian Buckingham, MOO students Rhyan G, Jake Z, Bre D aboard R/V Rutgers with Captain Chip Haldeman.

Deployed with RU28.

Comparison CTD cast done with SB19 1581 and ballast tank computer.
Water sampling done with rosette and SB19 1383 for pH.

Created by: waite @ 2022-09-07 12:51:10Informational
Modified by: waite @ 2022-09-07 15:51:05

O.S. 8.5

Seabird CTD - s/n 9417p, Cal Date 6/19/2022
Seabird pH - s/n C18, Cal Date 7/20/2022
Wetlabs FLBBCDSLC - s/n 4653, Cal Date 10/16/2018
ASL AZFP, 38/125/200 kHz - s/n 59006, Cal Date 10/14/2017

Created by: dkaragon @ 2022-09-07 01:10:02Informational

All sensors every +4 nth yo to sample

Created by: dkaragon @ 2022-09-06 19:20:28Informational

loadmission ru30.mi

load_mission(): Opening Mission file: RU30.MI
Setting SENSOR u_abort_min_burn_time(sec) value 600.000000
Setting SENSOR u_abort_max_burn_time(sec) value 64800.000000
Setting SENSOR u_reqd_depth_at_surface(m) value 2.000000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_run_time(secs) value 12.000000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_gain(1/rad) value 1.500000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_igain(1/rad-sec) value 0.015000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_dgain(sec/rad) value 6.000000
Setting SENSOR u_hd_fin_ap_hardover_holdoff(sec) value 30.000000
Setting SENSOR u_pitch_ap_gain(1/rad) value -1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_pitch_ap_dgain(s/rad) value -1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_pitch_ap_deadband(rad) value 0.079000
Setting SENSOR f_battpos_db_frac_dz(nodim) value 1.000000
Setting SENSOR u_min_pitch_ap_period(sec) value 2.000000
Setting SENSOR u_max_pitch_ap_period(sec) value 60.000000