Deployment NameGliderProjectDeployedRecoveredDaysDistancePayload BayOSNotes
9.1190.5 km93177.18

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Created by: dkaragon @ 2017-04-24 12:05:23Informational

2016-08-24 15:03:33 N/A Several teaspons of water inside, leak likely from pinched and sheared o-ring in science bay aft / hull seal. Position of pinch was roughly port side 9 o clock as looking from aft. Water was found in aft section mostly under cowling and heavily pooled in aft inside of science bay. Did not seem to cross the barrier where the puck was and no water seen forward. sfmcadmin

2016-08-24 15:01:26 N/A Glider recovered by Chip Haldeman aboard DEP vessel Connection Event: Carrier Detect found.255748 Iridium console active and ready... Vehicle Name: ru32 Curr Time: Fri Aug 19 14:51:39 2016 MT: 255747 DR Location: 3915.408 N -7411.775 E measured 702.742 secs ago GPS TooFar: 3917.918 N -7416.356 E measured 52.257 secs ago GPS Invalid : 3916.038 N -7412.961 E measured 160. sfmcadmin

2016-08-19 02:48:59 N/A Leak abort; nothing noticeable in data. u_max_time_in_gliderdos 3600; 30 min callbacks through the night. Recovering w/ DEP tomorrow morning. haldeman

2016-08-17 21:23:32 N/A Testing some parameters; added sci data to surfacing so we don't lose that data. Also added pressure zero to end of script, but that appears to affect flight data, so changed that back to beginning. haldeman

2016-08-16 15:22:07 N/A Changing m_pressure to 30 seconds in sbd for now. WIll need to transfer cache, but need some comparisons haldeman

2016-08-16 13:46:56 2016-08-16 13:49:24 Took out of mission after Chip noticed m_depth drifting. Did quick drift test for m_depth for a few minutes, callback issued, downloaded MBD. Pressure showed drift up during entire drift. Issued zero_ocean_pressure Changed u_reqd_depth_at_surface to 3.5 for time being set fin deadbands to .04 dkaragon

2016-08-15 01:33:01 N/A Another science warning Need to set fin deadband to .04 dkaragon

2016-08-12 18:17:36 N/A Prior to getting too far south into the shallows, loadmission ru28.mi (shallow water settings). Also zeroed ocean pressure, as m_depth was gradually drifting deeper. sfmcadmin

2016-08-12 13:21:01 N/A science super had a warning dkaragon

2016-08-10 20:13:23 N/A 2 hour missions, -1 initial waypoint dkaragon

2016-08-10 20:13:04 N/A 2016/8/10 dkaragon old yo was 4 off bottom, 4 from surface changed to 3.5 from surface; noticed not much data near surface, changing u_reqd_depth_at_surface from 4 to 2.75 dkaragon

2016-08-10 20:12:00 N/A Deployed by Chip Haldeman, Cassidy G., Sam, Liam out of Belmar aboard NJDEP. dkaragon