Deployment NameGliderProjectDeployedRecoveredDaysDistancePayload BayOSNotes
23.9707.9 km00247.13

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Created by: dalhousie @ 2013-09-11 18:40:23Informational

The SBD list was updated on Sept 11, 22:16:23 UTC, which involved restarting the glider and restarting the mission. Both m_gps_lat and m_gps_lon were added to the SBD list. The mission restarted at 22:23:39 UTC.

Created by: dalhousie @ 2013-09-11 09:07:54Informational

A list of the instruments deployed on this glider:
Seabird CTD, SN0024
Wetlabs BB2FL, SN0769
Wetlabs BB2FL, SN0772
Satlantic 504I, SN0168
VMT, SN1168370, ID26426

Created by: dalhousie @ 2013-09-11 09:06:02Informational

Glider is configured to inflect 8 m off the bottom and 4 m from the surface. The angle of the upcast was set to 22 degrees because of the orientation of the irradiance sensor. The science sensors are set to sample only on the upcast.