Deployment NameGliderProjectDeployedRecoveredDaysDistancePayload BayOSNotes
27.0302.1 km01387.06

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Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-30 17:13:54Informational

Recovered by Ian Robbins

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-29 22:53:30Informational

re-tasked for close recovery waypoints

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-29 08:57:20Informational

re-tasked for recovery 8/28

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-27 16:33:19Informational

New mission, added another UTC surfacing around midnight PST. Both gliders were falling behind at one surfacing transfer.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-25 21:21:49Informational

Has been doing well south 2 waypoints.

Trying the box again.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-23 17:23:13Informational

Next surfacing heading onshore and then south at 26 deg battpos, need to undo the altimeter changes first.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-23 17:18:44Informational

30 degree pitch, AP

u_alt_min_depth 50
u_min_water_depth 75

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-22 15:32:28Informational

+- 35 deg pitch, CTD no longer on at surface

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-21 19:03:44Informational

1 km clockwise box

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-21 09:49:12Informational

Try 500 m box during the day, and if it doesn't work try the 1km box tonight into tomorrow.

2 hour no_comms

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-19 10:13:36Informational

Trying just southern 500 m box waypoints, have a suspicion it is getting tossed north on the northern leg of the box.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-13 16:43:42Informational

Changed SBD and TBD to better suit 1-2 yo's per segment. TBD sending back 2 full yos only of CTD data.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-13 16:07:07Informational

Moved to 100 m box, ru 2, 8/12 am. Accidentally had 500 m watch circle so glider surfaced quite a bit Sunday night. Fixed watch circle and gave it official waypoints for 500 m box circling.

Turned AM file transfer script on.

Glider a bit out of the box, not sure why, will continue to watch its progress back into the box.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-08 10:42:28Informational

Running Nicole 500 m box.

Interesting tilt of box I think due to overestimated speed (due to AD)?

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-07 09:53:07Informational

Running Nicole's set of waypoints, they look good, might be able to decrease box size.

Also running script to only transfer during UTC surfacing.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-04 13:03:56Informational

Buoyancy pump abort. I set battpos typo which cuased the glider to climb at 0 deg pitch. Glider thought it wasn't moving fast enough and tried to re-dive. Pump was seized on retraction.

Fixed battpos and sent back down.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-04 12:30:43Informational

Waypoints to come in along the test line, heading due east.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2012-08-04 11:57:21Informational

Fixed battpos flying, -.48 D, .5 C

Need to test currents to make sure glider can stay up with them, hoping the east leg tells us this.

Created by: kerfoot @ 2012-02-21 14:37:54Informational

Science payload:

aquadopp-P 24336 ; Head ID: AQP 4965; Hardware ID: AQD 9709

aquadopp logging internally.

Created by: haskins @ 2010-05-10 15:14:50Informational

After pump diaphragm leak in Antarctica fore steam was sent to Webb on 4/30/2010 for repair.