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5.912.8 km01387.06

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Created by: kerfoot @ 2012-02-21 14:37:54Informational

Science payload:

aquadopp-P 24336 ; Head ID: AQP 4965; Hardware ID: AQD 9709

aquadopp logging internally.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2011-09-26 12:19:25Informational

Recovered by Ian Robbins 9/26/2011 16:00 GMT

Created by: dkaragon @ 2011-09-24 20:08:41Informational

added zero_ocean_pressure to a script

Created by: dkaragon @ 2011-09-23 10:41:27Informational

New mission style seems to be working. SBD needs adjustment, more pitch, less of some other.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2011-09-22 16:57:27Informational

New SBD looks good, some interesting data in there, especially for GE plotting.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2011-09-22 16:57:04Informational

Changed to new mission type
GPS surfacing every x hours, Comms & data surfacing every y hours.

Glider was coming up on time but with 30 seconds before dive. Not sure why, so I swapped order of surfacings. The GPS surfacing is lower priority now. Maybe it will stay on surface now.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2011-09-21 17:43:18Informational

zero_ocean_pressure (glider drifted again, like last deployment, may consider adding this to dockserver script as first item across)

changed tbdlist.dat:
all the time CTD data, not every other
added ctd41cp_timestamp to TBD

changed sbdlist.dat:
new sbd based on ru16\'s situation, more underwater data, more LMC data. To compensate, lowering the amount of pitch coming back but every yo. May be able to add more pitch data if file size is OK

Created by: kerfoot @ 2011-09-21 09:56:43Informational

Glider switched over the TWRC glider early on 9/21. It\'s been switched back and all logs have been ftp\'d over.

Created by: dkaragon @ 2011-09-20 14:29:03Informational

Deployed by Ian Robbins
SB 0138
Aquadopp deployed:
\'We would really like to collect some data in High Resolution (HR) mode for a short glide mission (up and down a few times would be fine). Will you be deploying the glider again before Antarctica? If so, wed like to help you download the HR firmware and set it up for a short mission, then we can revert back to your standard firmware for your real mission. The overhead time for the firmware changes would only be 5 minutes.\'


Created by: haskins @ 2010-05-10 15:14:50Informational

After pump diaphragm leak in Antarctica fore steam was sent to Webb on 4/30/2010 for repair.