Deployment NameGliderProjectDeployedRecoveredDaysDistancePayload BayOSNotes
2.038.9 km01536.37

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Created by: haskins @ 2010-05-10 15:29:24Informational

Payload 0153 - CTD temperature is reporting ~2 degrees higher in it\'s measurements. On 4/30/2010 payload was sent to Webb for repairs.

Created by: haskins @ 2010-05-10 15:14:50Informational

After pump diaphragm leak in Antarctica fore steam was sent to Webb on 4/30/2010 for repair.

Created by: haskins @ 2010-05-10 15:08:03Informational

Due to pump diaphragm leak in RU06 fore stem the rest of the deployments were done using RU24 fore steam with RU06 optics payload and aft section.

Created by: haskins @ 2010-04-20 13:14:53Informational

Sixth Deployment of RU06 with optics package. Deployed at the edge of the ice shelf and recovered once we finished the work at Charcot Island during the LTER cruise.

Created by: kerfoot @ 2010-03-19 12:04:28Informational

Recovered successfully - end of Antarctic season.

Created by: kerfoot @ 2010-03-19 12:02:48Informational

Same as previous deployments of ru06 from R/V Gould.