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John Wilkin
Professor, Marine and Coastal Sciences

Ph.D. 1988 MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanographic Engineering

M.S. 1984 MIT Dept. Civil Engineeering

B.E. (Hons) 1982 Auckland University, New Zealand, Engineering Science

Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Rutgers University
71 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA

Phone: 848-932-3366

Office: Room 214C
Marine and Coastal Sciences Building
Cook College campus.

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By train and Rutgers bus, driving and parking from north off Turnpike, from south off US-1. Map it with Google maps.


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Student Research Opportunities (Ph.D. and M.S.) in Ocean Modeling and Prediction:

I welcome applications to the Rutgers University Graduate Program in Oceanography to undertake research in the general fields of:

  • High-resolution regional modeling of the coastal ocean for applications related to coupled physical/ecosystem/bio-optical processes, including analysis and evaluation using satellite and in situ observations.
  • Coastal ocean carbon cycling
  • Software engineering for implementing real-time ocean forecast systems
  • Variational methods for assimilating coastal observing system data in models, and observing system design.

Courses I teach: 

Other activities:

  • Past Co-Editor, Ocean Dynamics
  • Member, American Geophysical Union
  • Member, Ocean Observations Physics and Climate panel (OOPC) of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS)
  • Member User Working Group NASA PO.DAAC


Queequeg was a native of Kokovoko, an island far away to the West and South. It is not down in any map; true places never are.




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"All science is either physics or stamp collecting."
- Ernest Rutherford

"Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future."
- Niels Bohr

"Modeling is so much cheaper than science."
- Bob Howarth

"If we knew what we were doing it wouldn't be called research."
- Albert Einstein


Research Interests:
Ocean modeling and prediction, data assimilation in coastal oceanography, mesoscale satellite remote sensing, physical-biological interactions in the coastal ocean.

Research groups: Rutgers Ocean Modeling Group (OMG)
ROMS Regional Ocean Modeling System

Research in progress:   

Selected Publications:

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  • Mannino, A., S. Signorini, M. Novak, J. Wilkin, M. Friedrichs, and R. Najjar, (2016), Dissolved organic carbon fluxes in the Middle Atlantic Bight: An integrated approach based on satellite data and ocean model products, J. Geophys. Res. Biogeosci., 121, doi:10.1002/2015JG003031.
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  • Zavala-Garay, J., J. Wilkin, and J. Levin (2014), Data assimilation in coastal oceanography: IS4DVAR in the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS), in Advanced Data Assimilation for Geosciences Lecture Notes of the Les Houches School of Physics 2012, pp. 555-576, E. Blayo, M. Bocquet, E. Cosme and L. Cugliandolo (Eds.), Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford
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