Chapter 6. Programming Rslice

Table of Contents

Rslice API
Global Data Structure


Rslice can be carefully extended beyond its GUI limitations by utilizing the routines called by rslice, as well as the matlab routines guidata.m and guihandles.m. It also requires detailed knowledge of the internal data structure maintained by rslice. Users should consult the examples directory for scripts that show how this can be done.

The first requirement of programming rslice is that the user must call rslice with its return output argument, i.e.

>> rslice_handle = rslice ( ... );

The user can then access the global data structure used by rslice , i.e.

>> rdata = guidata ( rslice_handle );

One current side effect of programming rslice is that sometimes extra figure windows appear that become the targets of window redraws. It's not a significant problem, as using any of the GUI widgets will correct the window redraws.