Time Step

The time step controls on the lower left side of the main window allow the user to step forward/backward by a single step, or to fastforward/rewind all the way to the ends.

If the data source is either a directory or a URL (say, connected to an aggregation server), then the number of timesteps that will be cycled through may be so large as to be prohibitive. Therefore the number of possible timesteps is always displayed just below the timestep edit widget.

The timestep can be the numerical index into the ocean_time array or a date string. In that case, the date string is parsed and hopefully interpreted as being on of a few standard formats. The closest index into the ocean_time array is then chosen. Allowed time formats include

yyyy-mm-dd hh:MM:ss

e.g. "2003-03-01 23:59:59"


e.g. "2003-03-01"


e.g. "19-May-2003"