Sylvie Bruggmann
Postdoctoral Researchers
Post Doctoral Researcher | Marine Biogeochemistry & Paleoceanography
71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 | Room 303A

Full CV

Research Interests

My research interests focus on deciphering geochemical information recorded in modern sediments and what these data tell us about the marine and atmospheric conditions under which the sediments formed. Understanding biogeochemical processes in modern settings is key to reconstruct environmental conditions throughout Earth history. I am particularly interested in elucidating the conditions under which early life evolved. To build a framework for interpretations of element and isotope variations, I use geochemical tools such as trace metal concentrations or non-traditional isotope systems (e.g., Cr and U isotopes) on modern marine and coastal samples.

Short History

I studied geography (BSc) and geology (MSc) in Zurich, Switzerland. After my studies, I moved to Denmark to obtain my PhD in geochemistry at University of Copenhagen, working on a combination of modern and ancient geological samples. In 2019, I came to Rutgers to work on proxy development to improve our understanding of biogeochemical processes in modern marine environments.