Kyle Clem
Postdoctoral Researchers
Post Doctoral Researcher | Ecology
ENR 139
Research Interests

“I have been focusing on getting two climate models set up and running locally at Rutgers on our OARC Amarel High Performance Community Cluster,” said Kyle Clem, Ph.D., who is an atmospheric scientist, describing his recent work as a post-doctoral associate at the Rutgers University-New Brunswick Institute of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS).

“I plan to use these climate models to investigate how the position and intensity of thunderstorms in the South Pacific Convergence Zone, a region of persistent convective rainfall in the western tropical Pacific, affects the downstream circulation around Antarctica, and how this varies seasonally and during El Nino and La Nina events,” Clem said. “I am also exploring the spread in climate models’ representation of how the tropics influence polar regions, and how this may be related to climate models’ poor representation of Antarctic temperature change so far this century.”

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