Juan A. Bonachela
Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor
DMCS | Room 309C

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Research Interests:

I am a theoretical biologist, interested in the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that give rise to spatial and temporal patterns, and their consequences for organisms, populations, and ecosystems. Within such broad description, my research branches in three distinct (but connected) lines: 1) interactions between ecology and evolution in microbes such as bacteria, phytoplankton, or viruses; 2) ecological and evolutionary dynamics of trophic networks; and 3) multi-scale spatial patterns. Because understanding all these systems requires a highly mutidisciplinary approach, I work with empiricists to produce theories that can explain the observed patterns and, in turn, provide new hypotheses that can be tested in the laboratory or the field.

Short History:

I received my BSc, MSc, and PhD from the University of Granada (Spain). I spent my postdoc in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in Princeton. Before joining Rutgers, I was an assistant professor at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK).