Joe Anarumo
Graduate Student
71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Research Interests

I like to get involved in research by both being in the field and working with data from different types of equipment. I have used data from High-Frequency Radar stations in Puerto Rico, as well as the NCOM AMSEAS model to produce virtual drifters in order to try to predict and track the movement of Sargassum Seaweed in the Caribbean. More locally, I’ve used the NCOM USEAST model to help track a navy glider in distress and am currently using east coast radar stations to investigate Radial and Elliptical data types, working to improve the processing of their data. I do enjoy going out on a boat for operations/deployments and other expeditions as well. I would like to contribute to the scientific community by integrating the knowledge and practice I acquire into something that others may be able

Short History

I grew up in Staten Island, NY and moved to South Plainfield, New Jersey just before starting High School in 2003. Realizing what was important for me after high school didn’t come as easy for me as for others. For much of 2011 and 2012, I was trying intently to develop my passions and interests. I was 22 years old, working overnight shifts and doing lots of reading, writing, learning and re-learning things forgotten. I investigated math, biology, astronomy, chemistry, music and anything that interested me. When Hurricane Sandy hit in October, so many people and places were devastated. In the days that followed, much of the luxuries we all enjoyed were suddenly not there anymore and many were waiting helplessly for the powers that be to turn them all back on. I realized then, that I wanted to be one of the people that are in the know, one of the people who are on the side of improving our quality of life. If nothing else, I just want to lay one brick on the right bridge to tomorrow. I’m happy to have the privilege of starting that journey as one of the first students to study the Operational Oceanography Master’s Program at Rutgers University.


2015, A.S. Physics, Raritan Valley Community College

2015, A.S. Science and Mathematics, Raritan Valley Community College

2019, B.S. Physics – Ocean Physics Option, Rutgers University

2019-present, Master’s Student, Operational Oceanography