Jihua Hao
Postdoctoral Researchers
Post Doctoral Researcher | Environmental Biophysics & Molecular Ecology
71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 | Room 205E
Short History

I am a theoretical and experimental geochemist interested in early Earth and origin of life problems. I got my PhD in Geochemistry from John Hopkins University (2012-2016), working with Prof. Dimitri A. Sverjensky (JHU) and Dr. Robert M. Hazen (GL-CIW). My thesis was about geochemical signatures of weathering and surface water chemistry in the late Archean. After graduation, I joined the Laboratory of Geology of Lyon: Earth, Planets and Environments (LGLTPE) in France to work with Prof. Isabelle Daniel on surface adsorption under ambient or elevated P-T conditions. I also conducted diamond-anvil cell experiments to explore properties of high-pressure ices under the mantle conditions of icy planets. At Rutgers, I will mainly work with Profs. Nathan Yee and Paul Falkowski on photochemistry in early Earth and Mars environments. He will also investigate the availability of nutrients and transition metals in the early oceans.