Shallow Water Acoustics 2006 Experiment
ROMS Nowcast and Forecasts: Coarse Grid

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Surface Temperature and Currents

Temperature Cross Section

Temperature at 5 meters

Temperature at 30 meters

Sound Speed Cross Section

Salinity Cross Section

Salinity at 5 meters

Salinity at 30 meters

Observation Locations
Arango/Wilkin: The model was initialized using the mean of a 30-day robust diagnostic adjustment to the Linder and Gawarkiewicz New Jersey temperature and salinity climatology cross section over the full model domain. From these conditions the model run started on July 8 with surface forcing from NCEP/NAM 3-hour forecasts. (July 8 is 188 days since reference date of 2006 00:00:00 UT). A 30-day spin-up run was carried-out and denoted as run 045 ( 4DVAR assimilation for a sequence of 2-day cycles started on July 12 (day 192) using early hydrography data gathered by RV Tioga (Gawarkiewicz). The first assimilation results shown here, starting July 17 (day 197), correspond to the period of RU COOL glider operations. The cycles shown here also assimilate available satellite SST and SSH data. SSH data is from AVISO gridded sea level anomalies added to the de-tided monthly mean of spin-up run 045. Zavala: Actually I think we started from day 197 from climatology (no data was assimilated between days 192 and 197). Also AVISO gridded sea level anomalies were added to the monthly mean (no de-tided) of spin-up run 045. I suspect the means with and without the tides are similar since the length of the timeseries is one month.