Real-Time Data Resources from Ocean Observing Systems

Compiled by Sage Lichtenwalner, Rutgers University

This resource lists was originally compiled as part of a NERRS/IOOS focus group study addressing the needs of educators wishing to use real-time data in their classrooms. Many participants requested an annotated list of currently available real-time oceanographic datasets that could be effectively and easily used in a classroom setting. While this list is by no means complete, it emphasizes those sites, datasets and visualizations that are potentially most engaging for K-12 audiences (click here for the detailed criteria we used for inclusion in this resource list ). If you would like to comment or add to this list, please contact Sage Lichtenwalner (

Click on the categories below to browse the list of resources:

  1. Regional Ocean Observing Systems
  2. Remote Sensing Satellites (Temperature, Ocean Color, Winds & more)
  3. Coastal HF-Radar (Surface Currents & Waves)
  4. Buoys and Shore Stations
  5. Underwater Nodes
  6. Robotic Vehicles
  7. Animal Tracking
  8. Ocean & Atmospheric Models
  9. Educationally Focused Sites
  10. Additional Resources

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