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Dr. Fred Grassle (Director, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences) heads the OBIS project, and has specialized in studies of benthic macrofaunal communitites.

Karen Stocks (PhD Candidate, Rutgers) is developing the database design and inputting distribution data sets, and worked on the web page (and, in her "spare time", working on a thesis investigating factors affecting the recolonization of benthic macrofauna into salt marsh habitats).

Carolyn Flanders (Technical Support) is the technical wizard who massages species distribution data for input, manages the environmental data, uses ArcInfo and ArcView to produce output maps, and developed the web pages.

Dr. Phoebe Zhang (Technical Support) is lending her expertise in a number of areas, including the database/GIS interface development, variance calculations on the environmental datasets, and some JAVA help for the web pages.


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