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Taxa Distribution Images

Distribution data were imported into a GIS system (Arc View or Arc Info). Each record was already associated with georeferencing information, in this case latitude and longitude. The data were graphed against continent maps to create distribution maps. All the species data can be displayed on one map, or only certain species can be chosen for the display. Associated information, like depth information, can be represented in the display as well by using color gradients for the symbols.

Tonguefish distribution map   Figure 1: These distribution maps were created using Arc View and the Tonguefish (Genus Symphurus) distribution data contributed by Dr. Thomas Munroe.

The data cover the Western Atlantic. Each of the 24 species recorded has been assigned a unique symbol and color combination and has been displayed against a continental map. Only the northern and central regions have been displayed here as an example.


Anemone Distribution Map   Figure2: Cribrinopsis similis (anemone) distribution data, contributed by Daphne Fautin) is displayed here in depth quartiles.