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Environmental Images

Environmental data were usually received in a binary file format. Both Arc View and Arc Info accept binary data as input, but a few auxilliary files needed to be created to describe and georeference the data. The data were manipulated so that they could be combined and overlayed easily with other data. All data sets were arranged to run from -180 degrees longitude to 180 degrees longitude and were stored in "geographic" projections. Details about the original input data are available.

Images displayed here are reclassified representations of the data. Data values were changed to be in the range of 1-255 so that a colormap could be added. Some data value ranges were larger than 255. In these cases, the range was cut down by grouping values together, sacrificing resolution for the sake of making a color image for display. Colors for these values were chosen to highlight various gradients in the data. For statistical analsysis, data can be output with the original level of resolution.

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Bathymetry image   Chlorophyll Data Image   Primary Productivity Data Image
Bathymetry Data

The resolution for depth in this image is approximately 25 meters per color gradient change.

  Chlorophyll a Data

A representation of chlorophyll a (mg per meter cubed) density averaged from November 1978 to June 1986 (CZCS scanner) is displayed.

  Primary Productivity Data (Annual)

A representation of the annual primary productivity (gC per meter squared) is shown.

Surface Temperature Image   Surface Temperature (July 95 Avg)   SST Inter Variance
Surface Temperature (Multiple Year January Average)

The average sea surface temperatures for January averaged over multiple years is shown. Averages for all twelve months are available.

  Surface Temperature (July 95 Avg)

The average sea surface temperature for July 1995 is shown. Monthly temperatures are available from 1981 to 1998.

  Surface Temperature Interannual Variance

This is the interannual SST variation of month-to-month SST variances.

SST Seasonal Variance
Surface Temperature Seasonal Variation

This is the month to month SST variation calculated over each year and averaged over six years.