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Benthos Census Meeting

Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

October 30-31, 1997


Colleen Adam - Executive Director, DIVERSITAS

Jesse Ausubel - Program Manager, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

James Blake - ENSR Woods Hole. Polychaete systematics, deep sea

Martin Buzas - Smithsonian Institution. Foraminifera, quantitative ecology, paleontology

Rob Colwell - University of Connecticut. Quantitative ecology, rain forests

Ronald Etter - University of Massachusetts, Boston. Quantitative ecology, deep sea

Daphne Fautin - University of Kansas. Anemone systematics, coral reefs

John Gage - Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS). Benthic ecology, deep sea

Kevin Gaston - University of Sheffield. Quantitative ecology, terrestrial ecology

Frederick Grassle - Rutgers University. Benthic ecology, deep sea, hydrothermal vents

Lee-Ann Hayek - Smithsonian Institution. Statistics

Russell Lande - University of Oregon. Quantitative ecology and genetics

Glenn Merrell - National Research Council, Ocean Studies Board

Gary Poore - Museum of Victoria. Crustacean systematics, benthic ecology

Don Potts - Univ. of California, Santa Cruz. Coral systematics, coral reefs, benthic ecology

Marjorie Reaka-Kudla - University of Maryland. Crustacean systematics, coral reefs

Gary Rosenberg - Academy of Natural Sciences. Molluscan systematics

Yoshihisa Shirayama - Seto Marine Biol. Lab. Nematode systematics, benthic ecology

Woollcott Smith - Temple University. Statistcs

Paul Snelgrove - Memorial University of Newfoundland. Benthic ecology, deep sea

Andrew Solow - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Statistics

John Steele - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Quantitative ecology, fisheries

Cindy Van Dover - University of Alaska. Benthic ecology, hydrothermal vents

Les Watling - University of Maine. Crustacean systematics, benthic ecology

George Wilson - Australian Museum. Crustacean systematics, benthic ecology

Judith Winston - Virginia State Museum. Bryozoan systematics