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River Plumes

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River Plume Image   These images are originally from the Earth Science pictures displayed on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center web site. The images offer two renditions of the Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor (SeaWiFS) high resolution data over the Mid-Atlantic (Chesapeake Bay region) on Sept. 19, 1997. The top panel is a combination of the three wavelengths (412, 555, 670 nanometers) of SeaWiFS calibrated data as observed by the spacecraft. This color composite highlights vegetation associated with land morphology, e.g., the coastal plain and mountain ridges and valleys. White areas are clouds and dense aerosols. Note that ocean features are not noticeable. The lower panel is a composite of ocean radiances at three SeaWiFS wavelengths (412, 510, 555 nanometers) after atmospheric correction of the data. Ocean patterns are clearly evident such as plumes of material discharging out of eastern Long Island Sound. Red and yellow areas in Chesapeake Bay indicate turbid waters while the blue hues offshore represent clear oceanic water. Black areas such as in the right bottom corner are locations where the processing could not be completed because of cloud cover or other quality problems detected during processing.