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System Input Data

OBIS holds two categories of data: species distributions and environmental descriptions. Both types of data are georeferenced so they can be combined with each other for analysis, and can be imported into a Geographical Information System for mapping. At present, OBIS holds a small number of datasets, which will be used for system testing. Over time OBIS will incorporate new data sets as they are contributed.

Species distribution sets contain information about the location of specific marine organisms. Accessory information about collection methods, taxonomic authority, specimen locations, etc., is also included.

Environmental data sets include information about the environment, such as the average sea surface temperature and the amount of primary production occuring. This information can then be combined with the species distribution information for analysis. A number of different environmental data sets might be employed to explore the factors correlating with a given species' distribution.

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Species Distribution Information

The distribution sets currently in the database are:

Environmental Data

The environmental data currently in the system are:

Future Data Sources

As technology continues to advance, new ways to examine our environment appear over the horizon. We've listed a few new data sources that are currently under development, and which may change (again!) how we view the oceanic environment.

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