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Tonguefish (Genus Symphurus)

Tonguefish Picture

Thomas Munroe (National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, Washington D.C.) gave us a computerized copy of Tonguefish (Genus Symphurus) distribution information, and contributed his expertise in making sure we correctly represented the data in our database system. The data currently covers the Western Atlantic, but hopefully will be extended into the Pacific in the near future. Of about 1200 specimen records, the 900 entries with latitude and longitude data and species names were extracted, exported into a GIS system (in this case Arc View), and graphed. The original data are published in the appendix of the following source:

Munroe, Thomas A. 1998. Systematics and ecology of tonguefishes of the genus Symphurus (Cynoglossidae: Pleuronectiformes) from the western Atlantic Ocean. Fishery Bulletin, Volume 96, Number 1, January 1998, 1-182. U.S. Department of Commerce. Seattle, Washington.


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Daphne Fautin (Natural History Museum, University of Kansas) is creating a global anemone database. She is reviewing type specimens at museums, and recording information about where each specimen was found, as well as where it is held, who identified it originally, whether there are references describing it, etc. For more information, see her anemone page. Her database is still in progress, so a complete version is not available, but she has agreed to share it with us as it becomes available. As a sample, she has provided us with location information for one species, Cribrinopsis similis.

Her work is supported by grant DEB 9521819 from the National Science Foundation PEET Program (Partnership for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy).


Cribrinopsis similis sections avaibable, courtesy of Daphne Fautin.