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Dinoflagellate Blooms

Dinoflagellate Bloom Image

  This is an image of classified Gymnodinium breve blooms derived from SeaWiFS Data, July 1998. This image was downloaded from a NOAA web site. It is an experimental NOAA product.

An empirical, multispectral classification algorithm was used on the satellite ocean color data to detect the blooms. The blooms often color the water reddish-brown, giving the name "red tides" to these bloom events.

Project Contact:

Chris Brown
NOAA Science Center, Room 105
4700 Silver Hill Road
Stop 9910
Washington, DC 20233-9910, USA

Phone: (301) 763-8102 x158
FAX: (301) 763-8020

The original data are courtesy of the SeaWiFS Project.