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May 31, 2005


  • Over 40 friends of the Rutgers Pinelands Field Station gathered in celebration on May 26 to recognize two award recipients and to dedicate the new dormitory.

    In his opening remarks, Fred Grassle noted that John Dighton, director of the Pinelands Field Station had received the Graduate School – New Brunswick –Faculty Teaching Award. John then awarded the Ralph E. Good Award to masters candidate Don Brickner. Bobby Zampella, member of the Pinelands Commission and the Research Station Advisory Board spoke of his mentor, Ralph Good, and Dr. Norma Good, widow of the former professor and director of the Station, cut the ribbon on the dormitory, which will bear his name. Margaret Marsh, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Camden, concluded the program with her remarks. Attendees included faculty, staff, students, members of the Pinelands Commission and Advisory Board as well as alumni and other friends of the Pinelands Station. Staff offered tours of the research sites and laboratory. Photos courtesy of Liz Creed.

  • Sybil Seitzinger is a recipient of the 2005 NOAA Administrator’s Award for her international leadership in the development and application of cutting-edge biogeochemical science to the global-scale assessment of excessive nitrogen loading in coastal waters. The award was presented by Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere.
  • Peter Rona addressed a group of enthusiastic teachers on discovering seafloor hydrothermal vents at a NOAA Ocean Exploration teacher training workshop held June 4th at the New England Aquarium in Boston. The controversy over the Rutgers IMAX film, Volcanoes of the Deep Sea, keeps churning with an article entitled, Creationist Wave Hits Volcanoes of the Deep Sea, in the June issue of, Physics Today. The bottom line of the article is that IMAX theaters that have declined to show the film for creationist reasons are censoring science.
  • Alan Robock served as a judge for the Young Scientists` Outstanding Poster Paper Award at the 2005 European Geophysics Union meeting in Vienna, Austria, April 24-29, 2005.
  • Alan Robock has been appointed to be a member of the Technical Committee on Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation in Hydrology of the European Geophysics Union.
  • Lily Young served on an NSF Biogeoscience Panel, May 3-4, 2005, which reviewed 81 proposals for this year's competition.
  • A photograph by Alan Robock of the Mt. Erebus volcano on Ross Island, Antarctica, has been chosen for inclusion in the 2006 Volcano Calendar, a project of the International Association of Volcanism and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior. You can see the photo at: http://climate.envsci.rutgers.edu/Antarctica/ErebusIceRidgeD9.22.04FeelingLucky.jpg The caption is, "Mt. Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica. Photo taken from sea ice off the west coast of Ross Island. On this day, the weather produced a capping cloud shrouding the mountain and a spectacular lenticularis stack of clouds in the lee. Photograph © Alan Robock, Sept. 22, 2004."
  • Joanna Burger and Michael Gochfeld made a presentation to the board of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association to elicit cooperation in collecting samples of recreationally-caught ocean fish for contaminant analysis.
  • John Dighton was part of a group of Rutgers delegates to visit the Prince of Songkla University in Hat Yai, Thailand May 15-21 to discuss potential links between the two universities and to survey damage caused by the tsunami.
  • The second meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (MACOORA) was held May 17-18 at the University of Delaware. Scott Glenn was one of the meeting organizers and spoke on Identifying Pilot Projects and Ocean.US Surface Current Mapping Initiative. Fred Grassle also attended. The meeting had a broad and diverse representation from government, industry, and academia from across the region. MACOORA is now on track to propose a MACOORA pilot project involving the region's high frequency radar system and to become an approved association by the end of the year.

Meetings Attended

  • John Dighton and two of his students attended the Soil Ecology Society conference ‘Linkages in Soil Ecology’ at the Argonne National Labs in Illinois, May 21-25 where Don Brickner presented a paper ‘Prescribed fire effects on soil processes and below-ground carbon storage in a New Jersey pine barrens pine-oak forest,’ Dennis Gray a paper ‘Mineralization of forest litter nutrients by combustion’ and John helped judge student presentations and posters.
  • Alan Robock presented the following talks:
    • Evaluation of Reanalysis Soil Moisture Simulations Using Newly Updated Soil Moisture Observations from the Ukraine and China (invited presentation; with H. Li, M. Mu, and K. Y. Vinnikov; European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, April 24-29, 2005. Also served as session chair.
    • The impact of water table dynamics on climate (with G. Miguez-Macho, Y. Fan, and C. P. Weaver; presented by G. Miguez-Macho; European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, April 24-29, 2005)
  • Alan Robock presented the following invited talks:
    • Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, UK Met Office, Exeter, England, May 10, 2005 (On "Evaluation of Reanalysis Soil Moisture Simulations Using Newly Updated Soil Moisture Observations from the Ukraine and China")
    • Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, UK Met Office, Exeter, England, May 11, 2005 (On "Comparing Climatic Response of Low and High Latitude Volcanic Eruptions")
  • Totten, L.A.and Du, S. Atmospheric PCB Sources in the Philadelphia Metro Area. SETAC Hudson-Delaware Chapter Regional Meeting, April 28, 2005.
  • Qizhong (George) Guo presented a paper at the World Water & Environmental Resources Congress in Anchorage, Alaska on May 17, 2005. The title of his paper is "Development of adjustment and scaling factors for measured
    suspended solids removal performance of stormwater hydrodynamic treatment devices."

New Grants

  • Impacts of Shoreline Change on Park Infrastructure, Sandy Hook Unit Gateway National Recreation Area. National Park Service. 10/1/04-9/30/08, $41,160. Norbert P. Psuty.
  • Source apportionment of organic contaminants in the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary. Hudson River Foundation. 7/1/2005-8/31/2006, $95,300. L.A. Totten and D.E. Fennell.
  • Dissolved Organic Phosphorus: Quantifying Taxon-specific Rates of Hydrolysis and Uptake. National Science Foundation. 5/15/05-4/30/06, $181,907. James Ammerman.
  • Analyzing patterns of increase of American eel (Anguilla rostrata) glass stages. Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. 3/15/05-9/15/05, $10,630. Ken Able.


  • Jiang, L., O. Schofield, and P. Falkowski. Adaptive Evolution of Phytoplankton Cell Size. American Naturalist, accepted.
  • Harrison, J.H., N.F. Caraco, and S.P Seitzinger. Global patterns and sources of dissolved organic matter export to the coastal zone: results from a spatially explicit, global model. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, accepted.
  • Glibert, P.M., S.P. Seitzinger, C.A. Heil, J. Burkholder, M. Parrow, L.A. Codispoti, and V. Kelly. Eutrophication - new perspectives on its role in the global proliferation of HABs. Oceanography, accepted.
  • Robock, Alan, 2005: Tonight as I stand inside the rain: Bob Dylan and weather imagery. Bull. Amer. Meteorol. Soc., 86, 483-487. [This article is currently featured as the Spotlight on the home page of the American Meteorological Society at http://www.ametsoc.org/- May 12, 2005. Can also be viewed at http://www.marine.rutgers.edu/~keng/IMCS_Newsletter/TonightAsIStandInsidetheRain.pdf.]
  • Miguez-Macho, Gonzalo, Georgiy L. Stenchikov, and Alan Robock, 2005: Regional climate simulations over North America: Interaction of local processes with improved large-scale flow. J. Climate, 18, 1227-1246.
  • Li, Haibin, Alan Robock, Suxia Liu, Xingguo Mo, and Pedro Viterbo, 2005: Evaluation of reanalysis soil moisture simulations using updated Chinese soil moisture observations. J. Hydrometeorol., 6, 180-193.
  • Hall, A., A. Clement, D. W. J. Thompson, A. Broccoli, and C. Jackson. The importance of atmospheric dynamics in the Northern Hemisphere wintertime climate response to changes in the earth's orbit. J. Climate, 18, 1315-1325.
  • John Dighton’s new book has just been published. Edited by John Dighton, Jim White and Peter Oudemans. The Fungal Community: Its Organization and Role in the Ecosystem (third edition). 2005, CRC Press.

Student News

  • RIOS - Research Internship in Ocean Sciences: Fourteen RIOS students are settling into IMCS for a summer of research. Eight of these students were selected from institutions all around the USA and six were selected from Rutgers. During the first two weeks students are carrying out a team research project and getting started on their individual research projects in their mentor’s labs.

    This year’s RIOS students (and their mentors) are (from bottom row l to r): Tucker Hirsch (Janice McDonnell and Lisa Weiss), Chris Ballew (Trish Ramey and Judy Grassle), Anirban Ghosh (Lee Kerkhof), James Bunkiewicz (Ken Able and Motz Grothues), Adam Bohnert (Costa Vetriani), (center row l to r) Rachel Koehler (John Quinlan), Sarah Edwards (Liz Sikes), Rachel Sargent (John Quinlan and Mark Sullivan), Paige Roberts (Ken Able and Motz Grothues), Alicia Manoski (Ken Able and Motz Grothues), (top row l to r) Catherine Jedrzejczyk (Peter Rona and Karen Bemis), Angelique Linares (Jim Ammerman), Alison Astalos (Mike Kennish), and Katherine Piso (Gary Taghon and Char Fuller). The RIOS program assistants are Clare Ng (Tuckerton) and Sara Bender (New Brunswick)

    During a window of splendid weather on Friday, May 27 the team project cruise took the students and their project leaders along a cross-shelf transect to re-check the Hudson River outflows that were the subject of the recent LATTE cruises (see John Quinlan’s message of May 27: http://marine.rutgers.edu/~keng/IMCS_Newsletter/Quinlan_May27message.doc). Data from the students’ cruise will be analyzed and presented as a RIOS team poster at the final poster session on July 29, together with all of the individual student posters. Please save the date!

Erin Jackson (L). Bob Chant demonstrating gravitational circulation in his “Estuary in a Box” (C). John Quinlan and interns cruise the Hudson (R).

  • In addition to the RIOS interns, IMCS is pleased to be hosting two students in conjunction with Paul Jivoff of Rider University. Paul is mentoring Harminy Liff and co-mentoring Melissa Tresselt with Jackie Toth at RUMFS.
  • Our CMER (Cooperative Marine Education and Research) interns for summer of 2005 are Lindsay Church (Chris Chambers, mentor), Kira Dacanay (Vince Guida, mentor), and Gregory Glassner (John Manderson, mentor). These Rutgers students are working on their research projects at the Howard Lab, Sandy Hook.
  • Erin Jackson rounds out our group of twenty interns. Her research will be conducted under the direction of Sybil Seitzinger.


Lisa Weiss married Rob Auermuller on May 14th, 2005 at the Smithville Inn in southern New Jersey. Lisa's new name is now Lisa Auermuller and her email is: auermull@marine.rutgers.edu. Lisa and Rob are in the process of purchasing a new home in Little Egg Harbor, NJ.

Let's Welcome

Lynn Demenchuk joined our staff in May as a Business Assistant. When not busy at work with Marge and Susan, Lynn enjoys spending time outdoors "down the shore" and playing golf and tennis. Please feel free to drop by the front office and introduce yourself, Lynn is in room 104H and her extension is 541.