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May 14, 2001


  • Oscar Schofield and Scott Glenn were appointed Adjunct Professors in the Department of Biology, California Polytechnic State University.
    The following paper by Hover, V. C., Walter, L. M., Peacor, D. R., 2001, v. 175, p. 221-248, has just come out in Chemical Geology: Early marine diagenesis of biogenic aragonite and Mg-calcite: New constraints from high resolution STEM and AEM of modern platform carbonates.
  • NBC television in Philadelphia (channel 10) will begin a new era in weather forecasting when they begin using thecoolroom.org (IMCS COOL Lab) on TV Memorial day weekend for their New Jersey shore ocean water forecasts. The 10am, 5pm and 11pm news casts will air satellite and CODAR HF-RADAR data for the Jersey shore. This summer's forecasts begin on Thursday, May 24th, with interviews of Josh Kohut and Mike Crowley. See you on TV....
  • Uwe Kils has contributed another "best photo" to FishBase of a flatfish juvenile (windowpane flounder) (http://www.fishbase.org/Photos/BestPhotoThumbnails.cfm), and an image of a filter-feeding school of Atlantic herring to the "clupea.net" project (http://www.clupea.net/contact/index.html).
  • Ag Field Day was April 28. Various activities took place at IMCS, including a successful demonstration on estuarine circulation from Bob Chant and Chip Haldeman. A special merit award goes to Bob for his display, and thanks to Chip for building the tank. We would also like to thank our other volunteers: Shannon Newby, Tomoko Komada, Fred and Judy Grassle, Costa Vetriani, Kate and Rob Cermak, Hongguang Ma, and Fadli Syamsudin.
  • IMCS will have a booth at the New Jersey Governor's Conference on Tourism May 6-8 in Atlantic City.
  • May 23, 2001, 2:00PM, Alampi Room, Seminar by Paul Barber, Harvard, "Genetic insights into the physical and biological limits to dispersal among Indo-Pacific stomatopod populations."
  • May 24, 2001, 2:00PM, Alampi Room, Seminar by Marilyn Buchholtz ten Brink, USGS, "Sewage sludge and sedimentary processes in and around the Hudson Shelf Valley."

Meetings Attended

  • Scott Glenn presented an invited talk on the "New Jersey Shelf Observing System (NJSOS)" at the EPA EMAP symposium in Pensacola, Florida. Scott's session focused on the use of modern remote sensing techniques for biological sampling.

IMCS in the News

  • On May 13, Mike Kennish was featured in the Asbury Park Press in an article entitled "Overfishing, pollution blamed for clam losses."
  • On May 13, Mike Kennish was featured in an Asbury Park Press piece called "Barnegat Bay Watch: A new study that foresees continued rapid development of Ocean County also warns of dire ecological consequences for Barnegat Bay. Builders, however, insist that current regulations adequately protect the environment."
  • On April 30, IMCS was featured in the Science Coalition's TSC Times in an article about the Science Coalition Awards (to U.S. Reps. Frelinghuysen and Holt) hosted in the LE0-15 laboratories.

Let's Welcome

  • The COOL lab added Chhaya Mudgal to their crew as their new lead programmer on May 15th.