Sorting Fees require a minimum charge of 1 hour. All other instruments have a 15 minute minimum charge. Time is accrued in 15 minute intervals after the minimum charge is reached. View availability by visiting our calander at:  Rutgers Flow Lab Google Calendar (Please note that all Flow Cytometer Analysis and Sorting Services are available with Assisted use ONLY.)
Assisted Usage 
InstrumentIndustrial Users
Influx Mariner 209s Flow Cytometer$200/hr (Analysis)

$290/hr (+$25 set up) (Sorting)
BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer$45/hr (asst.)

$30/hr (unasst.) *requires training*
Inverted Microscopy Olympus LX71$120/hr
Data Analysis$48/hr
Unassisted Usage
(Training is available by appointment only)
Inverted Microscopy Olympus LX71$80/hr