Zhuomin Chen

Graduate Student

Room ENR 201
14 College Farm Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Zhuomin Chen Zhuomin Chen

Research Interests

ocean’s role in climate change, coupled biophysical and numerical modeling

Short History

My enthusiasm in oceanography has occupied my mind since my childhood, and has never faded. I was born in Huzhou, a city beside Lake Tai, which seemed a giant ocean to me as a child. Waves in particular were the most mysterious phenomena that I encountered. Until I learned about the real ocean and its general circulation in middle school, I was, for the first time, surprised that there was a larger mystery than Lake Tai. My Science teacher, a Meteorology enthusiast, explained ocean’s physical process, its connection with atmosphere and its role in climate change, which have been gradually developed as my future research interest. After high school graduation, in order to explore the more mysterious water body - ocean, I no doubt chose physical oceanography as my undergraduate major and attended the best university in oceanography in China. The more involvement of school research projects that I have with professors and other peers, the more eagerly I would like to go further in the area of Physical Oceanography. It is my sincere hope that with the Ph.D. education at IMCS, I will have the opportunity to make contribution to the existing research findings and their applications in the field that I will embark on.



  • 2013, B.S. in Marine Science, Ocean University of China
  • 2013-present, Ph.D. Candidate in Oceanography, Rutgers University