Sushmita Patwardhan

Graduate Student

71 Dudley Rd
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Room 204A
Deep-Sea Microbiology Lab

Sushmita Patwardhan Sushmita Patwardhan

Research Interests

The oceans are teeming with micro-organisms. These micro-organisms live in various kinds of environments. I will be studying microbial life found in extreme conditions of the deep sea hydrothermal vents.

Short History

I have always been fascinated by the oceans and the life they harbor. Since childhood I was drawn to the oceans and spent many happy vacations at the seaside. I have done my Bachelors in Microbiology and Zoology in India. My love for the oceans and my interest in microbiology has brought me here.


  • 2012, BS, Microbiology and Zoology, University of Pune
  • since 2012 - PhD Candidate, Graduate Program in Oceanography, Rutgers University