Ongoing Projects

Life History of Fishes

  • Ecology of Estuarine Fishes: Temperate Waters of the Western North Atlantic
    Authors: Able and Fahay
  • The First Year in the Life of Estuarine Fishes in the Middle Atlantic Bight
    Authors: Able and Fahay
  • CCOR projects - Lieostomus

Graduate student Jess Valenti checking one of our minnow traps for specimens, as part of the longterm juvenile fish monitoring project

Recruitment of Estuarine Fishes

  • Juvenile Fish Monitoring (Trapping)
    • 1990-Present
    • Location: RUMFS boat basin, Tuckerton, New Jersey
  • Larval Ingress and Climate Change (Plankton Sampling)
    • 1989-present
    • Location: Little Sheepshead Creek (see map)
    • Gear: 1 m diameter, 1 mm mesh plankton net
    • We have contributed over 25 years worth of data to SEAMAP!
  • Juvenile and Adult Fish Monitoring (Otter Trawling)
    • 1988-1990, 1997-present
    • Location: Various locations (see map)
    • Gear: 16' otter trawl
  • Delaware Bay Ichthyoplankton
  • Barnegat Bay: Larval Supply From Multiple Sources

Evaluation of Impacts on Fish Habitat and Their Restoration

  • Hudson River Shallow Shoreline Synthesis
  • Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
  • Barnegat Bay: Effects of Urbanization

RUMFS researchers pulling a 20' seine net at a site in the Hudson River, NY Harbor

RUMFS Director Ken Able retrieving a gillnet in the Gulf of Mexico

Habitat Dynamics of Fishes and Crabs

  • Striped Bass Recruitment

Development of InSitu Techniques

  • Dual Frequency Indentification Sonar (DIDSON) reference image manuscript (Further Information)
  • Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS (REMUS)

Joe Dobarro (L) and Thomas 'Motz' Grothues (R) preparing the REMUS AUV for its next mission

Former RIOS intern Franny Buderman using DIDSON in the Hudson River

Fisheries/Population Dynamics of Economically Important Species

  • Taimen
  • Mexican billfish
  • Summer flounder - otolith microchemistry
  • Summer flounder natural mortality workshop