Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are central to RUMFS research, education, and outreach activities. The Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve (JCNERR) provides the mechanism for these activities.

Volunteers can participate in a wide range of field, laboratory, and outreach activities. In the field, they may assist with sampling on boats or from the shore by trawling, seining, and trapping fishes and invertebrates. In the laboratory, they might perform faunal identification, dissection, or related analysis. Other activities include data entry, and library and office assistance. Others have provided logistical support for field activities and sample delivery.

Roland, Phil, & Stacy sorting through the trawl net
Pat, Tom, Ken, & Steve looking for larval fish in our bridgenet sample

If you are interested in volunteering with JCNERR and RUMFS, fill out a volunteer application today!
You can also visit the JCNERR Volunteer page for more information on past, present, and future volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers fishing to recapture black sea bass tagged as part of Mikaela Provost's Masters thesis.