Raritan FishCam

A 24/7 view of fish passing through the local Island Farm Weir fish ladder in Bound Brook, NJ.


Raritan fish cam

This year Rutgers scientists installed a live streaming camera system that allows for 24/7 views of fish in the Raritan River. The Raritan FishCam is available here (http://raritanfishcam.weebly.com) and the FishCam website offers a guide to local fish species commonly found in the Raritan river.

This camera system is part of a larger study by the Jensen lab to evaluate how well the Island Farm Weir fish ladder in Bound Brook, NJ is functioning. The Jensen Lab is tagging shad and river herring below the weir to monitor their progress upstream. The tagging effort involves dozens of volunteers each year, ranging from scientists, students, and anglers, to members of the local community. For more information, please check out the About page (http://raritanfishcam.weebly.com/about.html) on the Raritan FishCam website.

raritan fish cam american shad

Image shows an American Shad swimming by

The streaming camera system was made possible by a mini-grant from the Rutgers Raritan River Consortium and assistance from the New Jersey American Water Company and the New Jersey Water Supply Authority. The larger tagging study is supported by a grant from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.