Paola López-Duarte

Assistant Research Professor

609-296-5260 (x280)
Rutgers University Marine Field Station
800 c/o 132 Great Bay Blvd
Tuckerton, NJ 08087-2004
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Paola López-Duarte Paola López-Duarte Paola López-Duarte Paola López-Duarte

Research Interests

My primary research interests focus on the behavior and ecology of invertebrates and fish, especially the factors controlling larval dispersal, transport, and recruitment to adult habitats. My work encompasses several research areas: larval ecology; population connectivity; impacts of anthropogenic stressors on marsh communities; coupled bio-physical models.

Short History

As a doctorate student at the Florida Institute of Technology, I conducted my research at various marine stations along the east and Gulf coasts of the US, as well as the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Panama. My postdoctoral experiences were also bicoastal, at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory at Rutgers University (Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences Fellowship). As an Assistant Research Professor I remain close to the ocean, based at the Rutgers Marine Field Station since 2012, in the beautiful New Jersey coast.

Teaching Efforts

NSF-REU mentor 2012-present