DMCS Outreach Efforts


Successful Education and Outreach Project Examples (Highlights/Case Studies)

The DMCS faculty are involved in cutting edge education and outreach projects that promote Ocean Literacy. Our goal is to help people of all ages understand the influence of the ocean on them and their influence on the ocean.

  • North Atlantic Virus Infection of Coccolithophores Expedition (NaVICE) (Dr. Kay Bidle) TBA
  • Project CONVERGE (Dr. Josh Kohut)
  • Working with Industry (Drs. Dave Bushek, Daphne Munroe, and Lisa Calvo) TBA

Education and Outreach Opportunities for DMCS Members

The DMCS faculty is committed to communicating their science beyond their colleagues and academic peers to the broader community. We focus on sharing the story of how our science is done. We develop and participate in a variety of education and outreach events that provide opportunities to explore science data, and make meaning from oceanographic information. - Coming Soon!

Resources for Educators

DMCS faculty welcomes the collaboration of K-12 educators and informal educators. Please see our list of resources and suggestions for bringing the ocean to your classroom.