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Oscar Schofield

Distinguished Professor and Department Chair

71 Dudley Rd,
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Room 104

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Oscar SchofieldOscar SchofieldOscar Schofield

Research Interests

I am a biological oceanographer interested how the physics and chemistry regulates ocean ecosystems, with a primary research focus on the physiology and ecology of phytoplankton. My research is conducted in a range of oceans from the rapidly warming/melting along the West Antarctic Peninsula to sustained studies along the northeast United States. Additionally I am part of the Center of Ocean Observing Leadership (COOL), which is focused on developing new technologies and ocean sensor networks to better document and model the marine system. The COOL group has, and continues, to innovate a range of technologies spanning from remote sensing, radars, and autonomous underwater robotics. Our research efforts are coupled to an extensive public outreach effort focused on communicating the excitement and adventure of conducting science in the field. These outreach efforts have been anchored by extensive web services, teacher training and full length feature movies.

Short History

I grew up swimming, fishing, diving and surfing in Southern California. I decided to pursue a degree in biology and marine science and attended the University of California at Santa Barbara for my undergraduate and PhD where I conducted research on photosynthesis and environmental impacts of the Antarctic ozone hole. I then joined the Agricultural Research Service in New Orleans conducting research in aquaculture and microbial production of off-flavor metabolites before I joined Rutgers in 1995.

Teaching Efforts

Ocean Observatories (a research course focused on student conducting research with live data from the sea, taught both Fall and Spring terms)
Oceanographic Methods and Data Analysis (course focused on the collection and analysis of physical, optical, and biological data in aquatic systems, taught spring term)
Oceanography House (course open to first term freshmen to introduce them to thriving in a research University by exposing them to ocean adventure)
Biological Oceanography: Planktontic Ecosystems (course focused physiology, ecology, and biogeochemistry of planktonic ecosystems and their role in shaping the ecology of the ocean and Earth, this course will be offered in Fall terms)



Select Publications

(** paper by a graduate student and/or the postdoctoral researchers)
Schofield, O., Prézelin, B. B., Kroon, B. M. A. 1995. Impact of ultraviolet-B radiation on photosystem II activity and its relationship to the inhibition of carbon fixation rates for Antarctic ice algae communities. Journal of Phycology 31: 703-715.

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