Luis Fernando Pareja

Graduate Student

71 Dudley Rd
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Room 111F

Luis Fernando Pareja Luis Fernando Pareja

Research Interests

My main research interest is the fluid mechanics of estuarine and coastal waters, particularly the study of how turbulence, stratification and rotation play a role in environmental transport processes. I am also interested in a broad range of topics on Environmental Engineering and natural flows such as physical limnology and aquatic canopy turbulence.

Short History

I'm from Cartagena, Colombia, a World Heritage city with a rich history on ships and pirates. A passion for fluid mechanics inspired me to study Environmental Engineering at Universidad de los Andes in Colombia (BSc, 2010) and then Meteorology at the National University of Colombia (MSc, 2014). I completed additional courses in Marine Sciences at the Russian Hydromet University, as well as in Mexico (CICESE’s Department of Physical Oceanography), and through an academic stay on Computational and Mathematical Biology (Universidad de los Andes). I currently work at Rutgers with John Wilkin and Robert Chant.


  • 2003, BS, Environmental Engineering, Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)
  • 2009, MS, Meteorology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • since 2014 - PhD, Graduate Program in Oceanography, Rutgers University