Leila (Belabbassi) Baghdad-Brahim

Associate Data Manager for OOI Program

61 Dudley Rd
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
IFHN 220
Full CV

Research Interests

Marine Policy: Translate marine information and ocean technology into policy regulatory advocacy decision-making and practice, to best balance between developmental programs and the need to protect the delicate marine environment.

Data Management: Improve upon data management procedures by developing automated and standardized modular programming functions to allow for easy transferability and adaptability of these functions to fit all MetOcean data sets.

Environmental Monitoring: Construct and manage multiple sources and levels of environmental and oceanographic data into integrated databases using enhanced data management protocols for the ultimate goal of real-time monitoring of coastal hazards and ecosystems disturbance.

Education and Outreach: Design education and outreach tools using state of the art technology to effectively communicate marine science and technical information to specialized and non- specialized audiences and stakeholders.

Science Discovery: Conduct multi-disciplinary scientific research in the fields of MetOcean engineering and oceanography.

Short History


Lighthouse R&D Enterprises, Houston, Texas 2009–2014
Staff Scientist
Lighthouse designed, installed and operated metocean observatories in the NW Indian Ocean including two, real-time, fiber-optic-cabled observatories and 5 autonomous, moored systems that successfully generated high quality data for over 8 years.

Texas A & M University, College Station, TX 2007–2009
Post Doctoral Research Associate
Data manager/analyst for a scientific project entitled: Physical Oceanography in the Gulf of Oman: Data Processing, Analysis, and Synthesis of Cabled and Moored Data.

Texas A & M University, Texas, USA 2006
Graduate Assistant Research
Assist with creating and managing large oceanographic databases for the Sperm Whale Seismic Study.

Texas A & M University, Texas, USA 2004-2005
Graduate Assistant Research
Assist two scientific projects: the Sperm Whale Seismic Study and the Deep Oxygen Processes Study both in the Gulf of Mexico.

Texas A & M University, Texas, USA 2002–2003
Graduate Assistant Research
Study hypoxia over the northern Gulf of Mexico using data from two major Gulf of Mexico programs: LATEX-A NEGOM-COH.


Doctor of Philosophy in Oceanography 2006
Department of oceanography,
Texas A&M University, USA.

Master of Science in Oceanography 2001
Department of oceanography,
Texas A&M University, USA.

Bachelor of Science in Fisheries 1997
Institut des Sciences de la Mer et l’Aménagement du Littoral (ISMAL),
Alger, Algérie.

Select Publications

Cabled Ocean Observatories in Sea of Oman and Arabian Sea. 2012. EOS. S. F. DiMarco, Z. Wang, A. Jochens, M. Stossel, M. K. Howard, L. Belabbassi, S. Ingle, K. du Vall.

A 4000-Meter-Rated Deepwater Cabled Ocean Observing System: Lessons Learned from Two Years of Operation. 2012. Processing of the MS-IEEE Oceans’12. S. Ingle, L. Belabbassi, K. du Vall, D. Potter, S. F. DiMarco, Z. Wang.

Monsoon-Driven Seasonal Hypoxia Along the Northern Coast of Oman. 2013. Continental Shelf Research. S. F. DiMarco, L. Al-Kharusi, Z. Wang, A. Jochens, M. Stoessel, L. Belabbassi, M. Howard.

Temporal and Spatial Variability of Vertical Diel Migration from ADCP Backscatter in the Upper Water Column of the Northern Arabian Sea. 2013. AGU Newsletter. Z. Wang, S. F. DiMarco, L. Belabbassi, L. Al-Kharusi.

Summertime Nutrient Supply to Near-Surface Water of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico: 1998, 1999, and 2000. L. Belabbassi, P. Chapman, W. Nowlin, Jr., A. E. Jochens, and Douglas D. Biggs. 2005. Gulf of Mexico Science. 23 (2): 137-160