Joseph Caracappa

Graduate Student

71 Dudley Rd
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Room 205A

Ken Able

Research Interests

Though the exact future of my future is tentative, I am and have been interested in the relationships between physical processes and organism behavior and distribution. I plan to get involved in understanding the processes that determine the distribution and recruitment patterns of blue crab larvae. I am working with Dr. Daphne Munroe for my dissertation.

Short History

Though originally from New Jersey, I developed most of my interest in biology during my time living amidst the woods in New Hampshire. Towards the end of my time at Boston College, I became involved and interested in fisheries and marine ecology while working independently at Northeastern University. Here I did my senior thesis on temperature mediated effects in crab behavior. After graduating, I gained much of my field and research experience working as a research technician at University of North Carolina, while working on behavior of oysters and crustaceans.



  • 2013, BS, Biology, Boston College
  • since 2014 - PhD Candidate, Graduate Program in Oceanography, Rutgers University