Heidi Fuchs

71 Dudley Rd,
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Room 114F
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Heidi Fuchs

Research Interests

My research focuses on three main themes: 1) mechanistic interactions between planktonic invertebrate larvae and small-scale physics, 2) impacts of small-scale biophysical interactions on large-scale movements and settlement patterns, and 3) predator-prey interactions and their effects on planktonic ecosystem dynamics. These problems are fundamentally interdisciplinary, and my work integrates empirical and theoretical approaches from fluid mechanics, physical oceanography, and quantitative marine ecology.

Short History

2005 PhD, MIT & Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Biological Oceanography
1999 BS, University of Wyoming, Zoology
1990 BS, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Art

Teaching Efforts


Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems
Biophysical Interactions