A well-equipped seawater lab includes a Flume Facility with a racetrack flume and annular flume. Experiments are conducted by researchers and graduate students from DMCS, and from other departments and universities. A wide range of research topics have been studied ranging from predator/prey interactions in surf clams and hard clams, oyster fertilization success, algal cell aggregation, mammal and bird bone transport, larval settlement, recruitment and post-larval transport, and sediment transport.


Recently, three of the 4 annular flumes were relocated to the Rutgers Aquaculture Innovation Center in North Cape May, NJ.



Eleven separate sea water cubicles are also available at the Marine Sciences Building on Cook Campus. Each is equipped with seawater tables, running seawater, and a biofilter. Three large tanks for organisms or experiments are located outside.

Sea Water Cublicles