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Why invest in Rutgers Marine Sciences?  

We are dedicated to exploring and applying our discoveries for the benefit of society. While Rutgers is an international leader in ocean exploration, we need your help to train the next generation of scientists and engineers, developing the new technologies, and supporting future generations. 

Your support is critical to enabling high risk and high reward research, developing students to be the leaders of tomorrow and bringing the public with our scientists into the ocean. Your private gifts will create new laboratories, student fellowships, endowments, and provide seed funding for ambitious new programs. Come join our mission of discovery and innovation. Every gift helps lead to a new discovery or educates a new leader!

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How can you help?


Student internships: Rutgers is proud to be one of the most diverse public research Universities in the world attracting a large number of middle class students who often must work to afford going to school. Student internships allow these talented undergraduates to work in laboratories and take part in field experiments. These experiences change a student’s life by expanding career aspirations and developing self-confidence. Read some of the testimonials

Student field experiences: Small gifts can help get undergraduate students into the field. Sponsor a day at sea. Provide travel support to field sites to conduct research projects. Allowing the students to conduct their research in the field is one of the most effective ways to engage them and give them critical field experience that increases their competiveness when they graduate. Donation of just one a ship day can get upwards of 100 students out on the water!

Equipment for hands-on teaching: Rutgers has invested in building a floating laboratory in the Raritan Initiative. Help us outfit the new teaching vessel with the sensors that will allow for cutting edge training to make our students the best prepared and experienced students as they move into their careers. A single gift will have lasting legacy for scores of students over a decade.


An endowment to support graduate student research has been established to celebrate Dr. Diane Adams legacy. Diane was a champion for our graduate students and a valued faculty member who is no longer with us. The funds from the endowment will be used to promote their research and help them achieve research excellence. To donate, go to the link (http://www.support.rutgers.edu/dianeadamsmemorial) and specify “Diane Poehls Adams Graduate Student Support in Marine and Coastal Sciences Endowed Fund" as the target fund. Please make sure that you both specify this fund and identify Diane as the honoree so that these funds are directed toward their intended purpose. Alternatively, you can contact Melissa McKillip at .

2015102295084501Endowed Graduate Student Lines: We are training and supporting the best world-class graduate students. Our program has a rich history of producing leaders in academia and business. Currently only a small percentage of the eligible students are accepted to the graduate program despite growing research programs need more graduate students. Your financial contributions can provide a graduate student stipend and your support will ensure that we develop the researchers of tomorrow. This investment in the next generation provides a research legacy that lasts for decades after the gift.


At the heart of any great institution is the ability to find and retain scholars with a vision as well as the talent/creativity to realize their vision. DMCS has always prided itself in attracting the world’s best collaborative scholars in the world. Your gifts are crucial to retaining world-leading faculty at Rutgers as well as bringing new leaders to DMCS. Your support can be critical and can help by providing:

Endowed Chairs: The gift of an Endowed Chair is an honor that supports professors that have demonstrated exceptional leadership in research and education. An Endowed Chair is the most significant honor the University can provide a faculty through a donor’s generosity. The Endowed Chairs represent the most distinguished scholars who are selected for brilliant scholarship, inspirational teaching and leadership. The gift is a permanent gift that will support teaching and research in the focus area of the faculty and thus the creation of an endowed chair provides a permanent legacy of the donor on Rutgers campus.

Research Infrastructure: Oceanography is an equipment intensive job. Success in winning the opportunity to lead field expeditions is often based on faculty having access to unique instruments and sensors that provide them a competitive advantage when competing for research funds. For many laboratories aging equipment remains a constant struggle. A philanthropic contribution for a research area of interest to a donor is an excellent opportunity to enable DMCS faculty to leverage larger funds to conduct research. One example is how generous gift of glider enabled the successful crossing of the Atlantic ocean, which was considered too risky for federal funds. These gifts provide lasting legacy that lasts for decades and also supports graduate and undergraduate students at Rutgers.


Support the Challenger Mission and be a global explorer while entraining the next generation of ocean explorers and engineers!silboinwater


Building on the success of Rutgers undergraduates navigating an underwater autonomous robot across the Atlantic from New Jersey to Spain, the first time in history an underwater robot crossed an ocean basin, NOAA issued a direct challenge to Rutgers to develop a global footprint of gliders that can engage the next generation of engineers and scientists to pilot the underwater robotic gliders around the world’s five ocean basins. Being competitive Rutgers accepted!

The goal of the Challenger is to cover 128,000 kilometers, to sample uncharted areas and collect important new datasets that will be used to improve ocean forecast models. The lasting legacy of this mission will be an international network of glider ports capable of maintaining a year-round global ocean monitoring program but with a surge capacity to swarm network gliders in response to events globally.

The mission has garnered the endorsement of a range of partners spanning federal and international bodies. NOAA has a long history of supporting this mission, and was instrumental to having the initial mission across the ocean recognized by the White House and the Smithsonian. The international Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO) has endorsed the mission. It has also garnered the interest of global societies. The Challenger mission has been named a “flagged-mission” by the international Explorers Club, and one of the gliders is carrying a flag internally in its shell to be unveiled when it reaches its destination. The United Kingdom’s Challenger Society has endorsed the Challenger mission, which is the first time the society endorsed an expedition since it was formed in 1906.

Your support can help keep students engaged. You can help provide bridges to international orts of call. Your support can increase the glider fleet, the ultimate barrier to finish the mission as coordinate with partners from around the world.

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For more information about supporting the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, please Melissa McKillip at 848-932-4214 or